Dr Rosette Gault

Dr Rosette Gault completed her PhD March 2014.

PhD by existing or creative published works;

Title: Innovation in Paperclay Ceramic Arts

We see paperclay ceramic artworks today that no one had been able to able to see built much less to fire successfully before. These new forms have inspired, delighted, and challenged artists and ceramists worldwide to reach new heights of accomplishment and cultural exchange. A worldwide community of artists now exists who are familiar with paperclay practice and principles.

Gault has discussed the content, significance and impact of published work in context and her contribution to aesthetic and technical research and developments for paperclay.The benefit of the new developments to mankind extends beyond the field of art into the sustainable materials sciences and other fields. For example, a series of articles on the Potential for Paperclay as a Porous Material for Water Filtration have appeared in Ceramics Technical 2011-2012 and were presented at International Symposium for Ceramic Art and Design for a Sustainable Society 2011.

Gault was the author of the first book on ceramic paperclay in 1993. Her books on this subject have been in print ever since.  Paperclay Art and Practice will appear in spring of 2013 published by Bloomsbury in the UK and University of Pennsylvania Press in USA

Works in paperclay porcelain from Seattle exhibition March-April 2012


More art folios: http://www.paperclayart.com/503sBody.html

rosette book 1

rosette book 2




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