Robert Winter

Robert’s research area includes teaching, community work, design/technical consultancy and creative ceramic practice.

Over the last four years Robert Winter has been working with ceramics and glass producers in parts of the developing world including areas in Asia and South America. In partnership with fair-trade organisations both in the U.K. and abroad Robert has shared his design and technical expertise with producers in India,Peru,Bolivia and Vietnam. Robert has visited India and Peru on a number of occasions to oversee design and technical developments and to deliver workshops covering many aspects of ceramic production and sales.

Robert Winter has designed and supervised the production of a range of contemporary ceramic table ware. Southern India did not have a history of glazed stoneware until the 1960s when potters from the west set up workshops in India and introduced studio pottery. The aesthetic has almost remained static since then. Robert Winter sought to use his knowledge of contemporary ceramics design and production techniques to rejuvenate the Sri Sivam Pottery in Pondicherry, South India. During a two week residency supported by the Indian government the pottery produced a new range of contemporary ceramic products. This work was designed to be marketed and sold in Europe and the rest of the World.

Robert continues to produce his own work and has recently formed a new company, Cone 10 Contemporary Ceramics with ceramic artist Katherine Butler. They have a studio in Newcastle upon Tyne.





One thought on “Robert Winter

  1. I’ve been given two of your pieces for Christmas and wanted you to know how much I love them. There are some things that immediately become treasured possessions and these are most definitely amongst them. I’d be interested to know about forthcoming exhibitions of your work.

    Maggie Crow

    Posted by Maggie Crow | January 2, 2012, 7:10 am

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