Dr Jungwon Park

Dr Jungwon Park completed his PhD in July 2015

Jungwon’s PhD research thesis is titled: A reformulation of 20c space and perspective through comparative eastern and western ceramic practice: creating objects using line.

His research into the visual, formative and aesthetic qualities of ceramics investigates its ability to create an impression of space through the elements of expression: aesthetic of Eastern and Western geometry, and new technologies. By seeking to address the aesthetic dimension of space he is moving away from such concerns. While the aesthetics of ceramics is a new field of research on the concept of space from the viewpoint of Eastern and Western aesthetic sensibilities, Gaston Bachelard’s ‘The Poetics of Space’ (La Poetique de l’espace) and Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein’s ‘Sparks of Genius’ on theory provide important insights. Jungwon is also seeking to find parallels with practice, theories and research that explore the concept of the field of space, even though by space he is referring to a quality that is not mediated only by expression methods or techniques and goes beyond the field of literature.

Jungwon Park aJungwon Park bJungwon Park cJungwon Park dJungwon Park eJungwon Park fJungwon Park g



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