CARCuos is a research centre for the ceramic arts at the University of Sunderland in the North East of England. The centre aims to develop, support and disseminate new knowledge and scholarly activity whilst also providing a platform for discussion aligned to the ceramic arts. Professor Andrew Livingstone Ph.D (CARCuos Research Centre Leader), academics and ceramics research students are involved in research within the centre. CARCuos is central to the ceramics and glass department which is housed within the National Glass Centre at The University of Sunderland. The department offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees within the broad spectrum of ceramics and glass.

Areas of research include; International cross-cultural ceramic art residencies, technical risk and the unexpected in ceramic practice, body and artefact: clay, performance and new-media, the gendered ceramic object, installation and site specificity, a place for impermanence, stillness in motion: an interplay of opposites, why clay?: mimesis and domestic identity, community in clay: Sunderland Lustre Ware pottery, 20c space and perspective: line, rhythm and repetition, impact of Far Eastern manufacturing on the UK ceramics industry, Culture through Self, Paperclay.

Enquiries about MA Ceramics, MPhil and PhD ceramics research degrees;

email: andrew.livingstone@sunderland.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)191 515 3214


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