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The Edge of Our Thinking, Conference RCA

Researcher Sarah Gee will be undertaking a workshop based upon her research at the event spanning two days (18 and 19 November), at the RCA, London. From the RCA website:

The Edge of Our Thinking is an inaugural student-led research conference investigating a range of current perspectives in art and design. Professional researchers and research students from across the UK will hold presentations and workshops in a variety of practical and theory-based subject areas, offering the unique opportunity for critical interdisciplinary exchange.

Sarah will be delivering a workshop titled:

Is Impermanent Ceramic Art Just Rubbish?”

Art’s value depends on its durability. Clay is the most permanent of artistic materials. But – from Jim Melchert to Linda Sormin – artists use clay in ways that challenge assumptions. Thompson’s Rubbish Theory underpins this interactive workshop, exploring the place of impermanent ceramic art – whether installation, performance or other short-term projects. Starting with a brief presentation, we will consider such questions as:

Is impermanent ceramic work just throw-away?

What is its current place – and in the future?

How DO we value art?

I am exhorting potential participants to “Join in. Bring your views. Influence (and perhaps be affected by) the debate.”


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